Where can I get 33161 Invisalign?

Teeth that are crooked or misaligned are more than just unsightly, they can cause problems for your oral health and affect your overall well-being. Overlapping teeth are more difficult to keep clean, so the risk of dental issues such as cavities and gum disease is higher. Moreover, a bad bite can cause functional problems and even contribute to a TMJ disorder. That’s right – in addition to a better-looking smile, having straighter teeth can lead to better oral health!

33161 Invisalign

But many adults don’t want to suffer through wearing conventional metal braces, even if it means a straighter, healthier smile. That’s why Dr. Evelyn Aldama Espinosa and her team at Aldama Dental Group offer 33161 Invisalign® aligners, for people with crooked, gapped or crowded teeth who want a straighter smile without the embarrassment. The advantage and appeal of Invisalign appliances is that they are less noticeable and more comfortable than most other orthodontic appliances. Invisalign orthodontic treatment is practically invisible, so they’re an excellent option for adults looking for a less conspicuous method of care. Orthodontic treatment with 33161 Invisalign aligners begins with a digital scan of your teeth and bite. Utilizing the most leading-edge digital imaging technology, Dr. Espinosa can carefully analyze, simulate and prescribe the most suitable course of orthodontic treatment for your smile. Once your course of treatment has been determined, the specifications of your new aligners are sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication via 3-D computer imaging technology. Your clear custom-crafted aligners are each worn for a few weeks, incrementally moving your teeth into place until the final desired corrections are reached.

If you’re considering 33161 Invisalign treatment to improve the appearance of your smile, come in for a consultation with the professionals at Aldama Dental Group. We have a professional team of highly trained and highly motivated staff ready to make any treatment a success. For more information or to schedule a consultation please call our office today.

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