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North Miami dentist

North Miami Dentist

Cavities in North Miami

Tooth decay is a widespread oral health problem, which affects children, teens and adults of all ages. At Aldama Dental Group, we keep pace with the most advanced technology and methods of care to prevent, detect and treat tooth decay. With periodic teeth cleanings and examinations, our North Miami dentist can keep your and your family’s smiles healthy, beautiful and cavity-free.

Inside every mouth is a sticky biofilm called plaque, which gathers continuously and harbors harmful bacteria that feed on sugar. Plaque is the primary cause of adverse oral health conditions such as cavities and gum disease. To protect your teeth against the detrimental effects of plaque buildup it is important to brush and floss daily, limit your intake of sugar and visit our North Miami dentist at least twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning. A teeth cleaning allows us to remove plaque and tartar from the most difficult to reach areas of your mouth, and to guide you on better techniques for your daily oral hygiene regimen. As part of a preventive visit for patients of all ages, our dentist thoroughly examines the teeth, gums and the surrounding tissues in and around the oral cavity, assisted by digital radiography and other types of advanced technology, as needed. If a cavity is present, we provide prompt, precise and gentle care, utilizing the latest generation of cosmetically pleasing materials for our dental restorations. Throughout your course of care, we keep you informed and at ease, addressing any of your questions or concerns. As an added level of protection of tooth decay for our pediatric patients, we offer fluoride therapy and dental sealants.

With preventive care, our North Miami dentist can stop the onset and progress of tooth decay. At Aldama Dental Group, we are committed to helping your family enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health. To schedule a checkup or to learn more, call today.

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